Auto insurance rates in TexasEverything is bigger in Texas, including your auto insurance bill.

Texas drivers pay an average of $1,620 every year, while the rest of America pays an average of $859. Yeah, it costs a little more to live in this great state of ours, but did you know you can cut your rates by as much as 65%?

The thought of shopping around for car insurance is about as compelling as shoveling up after a rodeo. Almost 40% of Texans are guilty of never comparing their car insurance rates. Either it takes too long or they think they won't save any money.

But the fact is, if you just take the time to compare rate quotes from a few insurance companies in Texas, it's almost guaranteed that you will find a lower price quote than you're paying right now.

See, companies are always changing rates, and that great policy you bought a few years ago may not be so great today. Other companies may have lowered their rates well below what you're currently paying. But you won't know unless you get comparison quotes and see if a lower rate is available. So take a few minutes and start by selecting your city below. You might be surprised at how much you can save!

Popular Vehicles for Insurance Coverage in Texas

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